Explosives Safety Course FAQ

1.) How do I register for the course?

You can register for this course here on the website by REGISTERING NOW or by printing out the registration form and sending it to us by mail (Franklin Applied Physics, 98 Highland Ave. P.O. Box 313, Oaks, Pa. 19456) or fax (610-666-0173). Please Click Here to download and print out the form. If you have any questions, please Contact us.

2.) Where are in-person courses held?

For now, because of the covid virus, in-person courses are cancelled. We offer courses via Zoom.

3.) Is there a discount for two or more people attending the course from the same company?

No, there is no discount available.

4.) Can I pay for the course by purchase order?

Yes, you may pay for the course by purchase order.

5.) Can I pay for the course by credit card?

Yes, you can pay for the course by credit card.

6.) What if I don’t want my credit card charged until a certain day?

You can simply tell us what day you would like your card to be charged and as long as it is before the course start date you may use that as your source of payment.

7.) Can I pay for the course in cash when I arrive for the course?

Yes, we will accept your cash payment as long as it is received by the day the course begins.

8.) Is there a spousal program?

Yes, there is a Monday night mixer and a picnic on Wednesday afternoon in which your spouse is more than welcome to attend.

9.) What attractions are near this location?

The King of Prussia mall (7 miles away), the Philadelphia premium outlets (11 miles away), Valley Forge National Historical park (5 miles away). Museums, restaurants, historical monuments, casinos, sporting events and shopping all available in Philadelphia (11 miles away). Visitphilly.com

10.) What if I have to leave early on the last day of the course?

We understand that the people attending this course may have to leave early due to travel arrangements, because of this we understand if you need to depart early on the last day of the course.