We offer Proceedings from Explosives & Pyrotechnics Symposia since 1954.


Our Catalog shows special equipment that we make for testing energetic materials and devices. All prices listed are an estimation and subject to change depending on your specific request.  Click Here to view our Catalog.

Proceedings of Explosives and Pyrotechnics Symposia

Every few years, Franklin Applied Physics has hosted an Explosive and Pyrotechnics Symposium, consisting of three days of submitted and invited papers from technical people all over the world. Bound copies of the proceedings dating back to 1954 are available for purchase. Copies on CD are also available. To order the Proceedings from the Explosives and Pyrotechnics Symposia, please Click Here.

Pricing: Each Symposium and Entire Collection Contact Us

Pyrotechnics by Joseph McLain

This classic text was published in 1980 by a well-known explosives expert. More copies have recently become available and we offer them for sale. The book covers a wide variety of issues involving pyrotechnics, including theory and descriptions of many specific types of compositions and their functions. We are offering this text in PDF form only. To order Pyrotechnics, please Click Here.

Pricing: Pyrotechnics by Joseph McLain – $55.00 plus postage

Special Test Equipment

We design and manufacture special test equipment for explosive devices and materials.

Franklin Applied Physics can supply any desired kind of EED-testing equipment. These products include ESD testers, nanosecond-pulse testers, single frequency RF test systems, swept-frequency reflection-coefficient measurement systems for gapped EBWs, and thermal time-constant systems, among others.

Automated firing tests, electro-static discharge tests, testing for RF immunity — whatever your testing needs may be, our engineers can design and build the testing apparatus to meet your standards. Contact us about your specific needs.