Franklin Applied Physics

Franklin Applied Physics specializes in the testing and evaluation of electro explosive devices (EEDs) for commercial sponsors and government agencies concerned with EED applications, safety and reliability. We also offer training courses covering these areas, and produce other educational material and programs. We advise users and designers of EED systems on meeting a wide variety of commercial and military specifications for such systems.

We have a complete collection of old EED test reports from Franklin Institute Research Lab, and from Franklin Research Center.

Company Profile

Franklin Applied Physics evolved as a corporate entity from the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Our test records date back to 1951. We are incorporated in Pennsylvania. Our laboratory occupies 2750 square feet, which includes a machine shop, an electronic fabrication area, and a technical report library.

Our sponsors are government agencies, manufacturers, oil and gas industry companies, mines – anyone concerned with EED applications, safety and reliability.

All work is conducted under strictly maintained quality standards and all our reports are confidential. Our Quality Assurance Officer maintains all test equipment in calibration and ensures adherence to standardized test procedures. We give our test reports only to the organizations sponsoring the test work.