Franklin Applied Physics tests and evaluates electro explosive devices, and designs and manufactures special test equipment for explosive devices. We evaluate potential RF hazards in specific situations where EEDs must be used near fixed or portable radio transmitters. We advise users and designers of EEDs, and we offer an explosives safety course.

Testing EEDs

We can perform a wide variety of tests on EEDs, including Bruceton and Langlie tests to determine no-fire and/or all-fire levels; personnel-borne ESD susceptibility tests; RF sensitivity tests 0-33 GHz; EMC tests; site evaluation for hazards to EEDs; and EED accident investigation.

Blasting caps, mining and oil well systems, automobile airbags, aerospace and government systems are among those we often test.

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Manufacturing Specialized Test Equipment

We design and manufacture special test equipment for explosive devices and materials.

Franklin Applied Physics can supply any desired kind of EED-testing equipment. These products include ESD testers, nanosecond-pulse testers, single frequency RF test systems, swept-frequency reflection-coefficient measurement systems for gapped EBWs, and thermal time-constant systems, among others.

Automated firing tests, electro-static discharge tests, testing for RF immunity — whatever your testing needs may be, our engineers can design and build the testing apparatus to meet your standards. See the Products page.

Explosives Safety Course

The emphasis of this course is safety through an understanding of the underlying physical phenomena. It is of particular benefit to EED handlers, their supervisors, safety engineers, instructors, designers, R&D personnel, quality control personnel and inspectors.