EED Testing

We have staff and facilities for basic research, reliability, component development, testing and evaluation, and information processing.

Franklin Applied Physics performs DC constant-current, constant-voltage, capacitor-discharge, short-pulse, long-pulse, and ramp-type firing tests on every kind of electro-explosive device. We carry out electrostatic-discharge (ESD) tests on EEDs following a variety of specifications. We can automatically measure thermal time constants of EEDs, with no need for special purpose bridges.

Franklin Applied Physics is capable of measuring the radio frequency (RF) sensitivity of EEDs, taking into account losses due to high currents in the impedance-matching elements, as required by MIL STD 1512 and MIL STD 1576. Test systems cover the frequency band from 1kHz to 33 GHz.

We can monitor RF input power to electro-explosive devices during irradiation of complete systems. The irradiation can be in an anechoic chamber, or at an outdoor electro-magnetic test range. Fiber optic data links provide RF immunity for our sensors. We have tested weapon systems, automobiles, space vehicles, and many other systems.

During firing tests, we can permanently record EED input and output using a wide variety of sensors. We analyze results and can predict firing probabilities, all-fire and no-fire levels on the basis of standard one-shot statistical models.

Our research capability includes explosive devices, ammunition, instrumentation, circuit design, and radio-frequency and electrostatic hazards. We thrive on challenging problems.