ESD Tester for Electro-Explosive Devices With Test Chamber

4(Catalog No. 6599)

This tester will charge a capacitor to a high voltage. Upon command, the electrical energy will discharge, in the form of a spark, to an electroexplosive device – EED, igniter, or detonator. There is provision for a series resistor, which affects the discharge characteristics.

The electrostatic discharge is more powerful than the worst-case spark from a human being. Thus, if an EED withstands this test, the EED is safe to handle, from the standpoint of electrostatic sensitivity.

With the capacitor and series resistor furnished, this tester can perform the ESD test described in MIL-DTL- 23659D; MIL-STD-331B, Notice 3, Test F1.1; MIL-STD-1512, Method 205; and MIL-STD-1576, Method 2205. A protective chamber is included.